Virus. Beginning of End.

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  • Description
    • In 2017, a biological accident resulted in the release of a deadly virus.
      It killed everyone it touched.
      And then it unkilled them. The virus has turned your neighbors, coworkers and friends into flesh eating zombies.

      Now you have two options. You can destroy zombies or you can become one.
      Be quick and accurate or you'll be the next one shouting "Brains!".
  • Instructions
    • How to Play:

      Use the keyboard to move across the screen.

      W moves you up.
      A moves you to the left
      S moves you down.
      D moves you to the right.

      The space bar will show the health of the zombie mutorgs.

      Use the mouse to shoot and arm yourself.

      The left mouse button shoots.

      Use scroll or Q and E to switch between weapons.

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