Zombie Jombie – iPhone Zombie Game

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  • Description
    • Zombie Jombie is an iPhone game which has a few components to it.

      One component to this zombie game is the Zombie Art work. The game consists of Zombie cards with pictures of various types of zombies from Zombie Cheerleaders, to Zombie Bulls, Zombie Rockers, Zombie Mermaids, Zombie Sharks, Zombie Hillbillies, Zombie Dogs, Zombie Kids, and more.

      Another component of Zombie Jombie is called Zombie Fusion. Zombie Fusion is where you combine various zombie cards into one card to make that particular zombie stronger.

      You can also receive Zombie Treasure every day plus 'cheer' your zombie friends on the game to receive additional Zombie Treasure...which is actually additional Zombie Cards.

      The goal of Zombie Jombie is to find and build Zombie Cards to fight other zombie players online or Zombies in the game.

      It is a decent zombie game and pretty well thought through but my favorite part of the game is the Zombie Art. Enjoy!

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